My first reveal..haha

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  1. Hi everyone! :smile:
    This is my first reveal on tpf...I've started out rreeaallyyy small! :smile:
    I've always liked Prada and these little beauty caught my eye. (no pun intended!)


    I hope you guys like em! :smile:
    I hope to buy more items from Prada. :smile:
  2. ooooh, nice! :tup:
  3. Love 'em! Congrats!
  4. Yeah, me too... love it!
  5. i love how the purple seeps through the little holes on the temples. congrats!
  6. very stylish..... love it ;)
  7. gorgeous frames :drool:
  8. Yeah those are HOT!!!!! Loves!! Welcome to the Prada Forum!!! My name's EMMY and I'm an addict lol!!
  9. These glasses are HOT! :sweatdrop: Congratulations!
  10. Thanks all! :yahoo:
    I still have to get used to wearing rimmed glasses...been wearing frameless ones for over 4 years. hehe

  11. Very cute!!! I love the details on the sides!
  12. stunning !!!!!!!
  13. Great glasses, enjoy!!!