My first reveal! Great outlet goodies :)

  1. Took back my Espresso Hamptons Vintage Hobo, and got.....
    Guess what's in the bags...
  2. not sure but can't wait
  3. [​IMG]
  4. ooo something big!!
  5. :whiteflag:
  6. :shrugs: No clue... come on, take it off!
  7. if its an XL lily I'm going to come steal it!... lol

    SHOW US! :smile:
  8. a little clue on one of them (the dustbag purse)
  9. HAHA no XL lily here! I wish!
  10. Zoe!
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE XL ZOE!!!!!!!
  12. uuuu dying to see!!!:whistle:
  13. LOVE it! Any chance for a modeling pic? I'm pondering this one, but my boutique doesn't have any to try on. :sad:
  14. Congrats on the ZOE!
  15. Oh Wow! Beautiful!!:faint: