My First Reveal!!! Come see!!

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  1. I came home from a particularly crappy Monday to see a big brown box on my front step!!!! Here she is...........

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  2. And one of my Chloe Jane. Mommy got a present and so did Chloe, as there are few things more exciting than a box!

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  3. Very pretty! I love it! My cats love boxes too. Very few things compare to the greatness of a box to them. :smile:
  4. I love the alexandra. This bag is so functional. Great choice.
  5. Looks great on you! Congratz :tup:
  6. Ooooooo...I absolutely LOVE the black croc Alexandra!!! Looks wonderful on you! What a nice pick-me-up after a lousy day. Congrats!
  7. Love your Alexandra
  8. Love your black croc Alexandra. Congrats!!!
  9. very pretty! love the lining color too.
  10. Gorgeous! Congratulations :smile:
  11. Your bag is gorgeous and looks amazing on you!

    And your kitty baby is ADORABLE! I have five cats and the love cardboard boxes. Come to think of does my 7-year-old son...hhhmmm....I may get off cheap at Christmas this year. ;)
  12. Thanks ladies!

    Pursedove - thanks! I have four in total, this is the baby though. She just turned 1 last week :smile: They all prefer cardboard boxes, wads of paper, and the rings that come off the milk jug to any store bought cat toy!
  13. Aw, I love your cat!!!!!...and bag...!!!!
  14. That is one Gorgeous Bag!
    I love it and it looks great on you! Nothing like a beautiful bag to cheer you up!:yahoo:
  15. Love the handbag and the cutie pie kitty:love: