My First Reveal! Cartier Baby Trinity Earring :)

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  1. Hello Ladies :smile:
    I posted a thread a couple of days ago regarding baby trinity earrings, I just got back from Cartier boutique after I bought them. :biggrin:
    so tell me ladies what do you think.
    Here are the pics, sorry pics may not be clear, I took them with my iphone.

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  2. These are really cute and make a perfect everyday earring.
  3. Very pretty.
  4. Beautiful classic pair. Frankly. I'm envious of your earlobes, bigger studs looks really good on them.
  5. Wow they're so pretty, I'm envious hehe!
  6. Very pretty!
  7. Very beautiful. They look great on you!
  8. Love them! They look wonderful on you. Enjoy wearing them.
  9. They look beautiful on you!
  10. I love these on you, congrats!
  11. Thank you all so much :hugs:
  12. Thanks nvie, I have always felt my earlobes are too big, and nothing looks nice on them, LOL!
  13. Ooh, you can carry large ear studs very well and large earrings would sit really well. Big earlobes are auspicious ;)
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Adorable!