My First Reveal....a dream come true...


Mar 19, 2009
What a way to start a weekend...has been raining all day. It shd be a nice morning to sleep in. However this morning, I woke up many times without the alarm ringing. Mmm...8 o'clock...*yawn**...go back to sleep. 8.30....go back to sleep again. 9.30 am!!! I'm late!!! I jump out of bed, humming a little song as I get ready.
" morning. Are you going to collect yr bag frm yr friend?" My 4 yrs old ask me. " SHHHhhhh....remb what I said last night? We must not let daddy knw, else he is going to scold mummy." "Oops..sorry" whispered my little partner in crime.
I was going to pick up a bag today. A bag which i yearned so much but no luck until a fellow tpfer alert me abt this. And here I'm back with it. Thanks so much to Jainstein for making this dream of mine come true.