My first reissue--what color should it be?

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  1. Hello. I'm getting my first Reissue so would need CC guru to help me out. Given my style, I'm not so into fancy colors (actually, I love them all--but can afford just one so I think I have to go with a safe choice), thus here are the four nominees:

    1. metallic dark silver s/s 08 => haven't seen the real one but think that it's more 'silver' than f/w.
    2. metallic dark silver f/w 08 => have seen the real one and think the undertone is more grey/blue
    => Which one do you think gives a more 'dress-up' look & feel?

    3. matallic navy s/s 08 => haven't seen the real one but heard that the blue tone is lighter and more shiny
    4. metallic navy f/w 08 => like that it comes with dark HW but not sure if the color is too close to black

    Sorry for such a confusing thought! In short, out of four, what would be your recommendation? Would be great if you have pics for visual comparison. Thanks a million!
  2. i had the same dilemma! I settled on the metallic navy s/s 08 because it had an interesting tone to it. Under the sun its deep rich blue color with a beautiful sheen & at night it looks almost black with a hint of metallic. the color is very easy to wear, i sometimes wear it with jeans on the wkend.. The shiny silver chains gives it a dressy, evening look so I've used it as an evening bag as well. Its a beautiful bag and very versatile to wear and best of all.. its not black!! im not a big fan of the silver.. i think its a bit too loud & wouldnt go with my style. but if you are after a statement bag, then silver is the way to go. good luck!!
  3. I can't decide so I'm not even going to try :P:P They're both too lovely!
  4. the navy 08a
  5. I just bought the metallic navy f/w 08 with stripe and I love it! I have compared it to metallic dark silver and because navy is more sublte and interesting as the colour changes under different light colour...
  6. "matallic navy s/s 08 => haven't seen the real one but heard that the blue tone is lighter and more shiny"

    i would definetely go for this with no doubt, its very nice color to match around for me its such a staple for chanel as the black color.
  7. IMO, I'll go for either S/S08 Navy or F/W08 DS (But a bit prefer F/W08 DS cos I just got it :rolleyes:)
  8. matallic navy s/s 08 if you can still find it (i'm not an ebay person...)? i was also debating between the fall dark silver and the metallic navy, and ended up getting the navy coz silver is too bling and didn't go with my wardrobe.... the new navy looks very different under dif lighting and could match a lot more clothes.
  9. matallic navy s/s 08!!! definitely a winner :smile:
  10. Thank you all! I'm also leaning towards the navy, now only whether to get the s/s or the f/w one. (My cousin is letting go of the s/s navy--brand new--but it's 227. I prefer 226 though).