My first Reissue!! Come see, 2005 version...yipee

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  1. Hello, I am so excited now, I bought a 2005 version black reissue yesterday, a size 225, a collectors' item, I didn't think I could find it and I did... I have to thank our Chanel masters Michele and Beautylicious for all their assistance.....

    So here are the pics, together with my 225 is my first Chanel, the black leather baby cabas (still smell so nice), i have another Chanel which is a makeup case, she is not at home now as I leave it in the office, I sometimes use it as a lunch bag ;) am borrowing a pic from eBay to show all :p

    So please enjoy the bags with me.....Yipee..:

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 1A.jpg

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 002A.jpg

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 005A.jpg

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 004A.jpg

    Makeup  caseA.jpg
  2. some close-up shots:

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_2.jpg

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_4.jpg

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_7.jpg
  3. Congrats again, it looks wonderful on you. You have a very nice collection.
  4. It looks soooo gorgeous on you!!! Congrats!!!! Im so jealous, I have yet to own a classic piece like that!!!!
  5. WOW!!! Very pretty. Lucky you. Congrats.
  6. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Michele, bb10lue and Katie 123, thank you all.... you are so sweet....

    I am looking forward now.... to a 226 METALLIC BLACK!! my friend thinks I am crazy, haha..another black :nuts::p
  8. yey!!!
  9. :drool:
  10. VERY PRETTY. I love black too. Sometimes it is hard to pick other colors.
  11. Thank you ladies, glad that you enjoy the pics....
  12. love it!!!!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:Re-issues are THE most beautiful bags ever made, in my opinion.

    I went to great lengths to get a 2005 re-issue as well, and I just love it!

    It looks fabulous on you!!!
  14. Thank you anonymous and snowwhite...
    By the way snowwhite, what size did you get? Black too?
  15. congrats on your awesome find! you look so gorgeous and chic with it!