My first Reissue!!! '08 Fall Act 1 Dark Silver 227!!

May 1, 2007
Singapore/Hong Kong
My mum just returned from Paris and she bought me my first 227 :cloud9::cloud9::heart::heart: I thought she would get the metallic navy reissue but she said when she compared both, the DS looked so much better so she bought the DS instead:yahoo::yahoo: Great news for me, since I had always wanted a DS but she felt the navy will look better haha. She also managed to find the Hermes Clic Clac bangle for me in black and gold, I have been searching for this since forever! Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan didn't have them and even Hermes FSH store was out but they were really nice and managed to locate one in Spain and had it shipped in :tup:


Mar 9, 2008
'H' Abyss...
Congrats pinkistarlet!! This is a very very nice bag indeed!! I have that exact same bag as you in the same size too!! Hehe!! We're bag twins!! ;)

Enjoy your new bag!! You will really love it!! :heart: