My first "real" purse - The Manhattan (PM)! Have to share!

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  1. :heart:Hello to all you LV afficionados!:heart:

    I have been reading this forum for a bit, and feel the need to share my LV story!

    So, I had been thinking about getting what I call a "real" purse for some time now...but my rational side kept telling me that spending this type of money on a bag was pure I tip-toed in the market by buying a Coach purse 2 months ago. Now, don't get me wrong...the Coach I bought is superb...but it didn' t make my LV craving go away.

    Fast forward 2 months.

    Hubby and I planned a trip to Paris...and I had (previously, in secret) googled the LV locations in one day we are walking on Champs Elysees...and of course the LV store is right we both walk in...I felt like a kid in a candy store...then my husband tells me "you know what...just buy the purse you want. I know you'll never be truly happy with any other purse you buy".


    I actually didn't really plan on this purchase, so I hadn't done my homework to get to know all the with the help of the best saleslady around (a glass of champagne always helps)..I picked it!

    The Manhattan pm!!!

    it's a brilliant bag in my opinion......chic, yet modern (I am 31)...I LOVE it.


    Thanks for reading!!
  2. Congratulations! Use it well.
  3. Pictures!!! :yahoo:
  4. congrats and pics please...:yahoo:
  5. Congrats!! That is a great bag!! PICS!!!
  6. Oh and welcome to TPF!!!
  7. Congrats, great great great choice and welcome to tPF! Would love to see pics!
  8. congrats! wait for pics~~~
  9. Here's more congrats on a great bag and on having such a super sweet hubby!
  10. Oh I absolutely ADORE that bag...congrats !!
  11. What a great first bag and story! Congrats!
  12. Welcome to the brown side! Enjoy your Manhattan, I sense more coming in years to come! Congrats!
  13. Champagne and a new purse . . . there is not much better! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Manhattan is one of the iconic LV bags! You made a superb choice for your first LV.
  15. congrats!!! what a great experience. that bag probably suit your perfectly!