My First Real Post!

  1. I'm not sure if it's ok to post this here. I couldn't find an "introduce yourself" forum.

    Anyway, this is my first real post here. I'm very new to LV. I just started buying in July and I'm trying to learn as much about the collections as I can. I'm male and I live in Manhattan. I only shop at the 5th ave store.

    I wanted to show you guys the stuff I have and all my band new stuff that I'm so proud of. I've spent way too much @ LV over the past 3 days. My wallet hurts

    My 1st buy was in July
    the Damier Bastille

    Then I went back later in July and got the Tobago Yellow Carryall

    Then on Tuesday I went in and sat with my SA for over 3 hours. Everytime I go in we just chat, giggle, and look over the cataloges together and talk about what items we want to get eventually. She feels like a really close friend. Does anyone else have this kind of relationship with their SA? anyway, here's what I bought on Tuesday.

    The Ouvea Keepall

    Brown Running Short

    And I got a beach towel and a beach blanket but I don't know what their names are.

    When I left there my debit card was already screaming at me for pulling so much out of it so I decided to let it rest :lol:

    But then today, I was walking up 5th ave on my way to the Apple store when my SA called me. I was 2 blocks away from LV. She told me that the bag I had ordered back in Aug had come in today. It just made my day cause it's all rainy and nasty here today. Here's what it is. I jus LUUUVVVVV this bag.

    Innsbruck Brown Carryall

    So that's my collection so far.

    Oh, one more thing. I have some cataloges that I'd like to scan and share with everyone. What section would I post those in?

    Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Welcome!! You have an awesome collection!
  3. Welcome!
    I just LOVE your collection your Oveau Keepall is really nice...
  4. Welcome modokislayer !:flowers: Great to have another guy joining us here:love: You have great taste:nuts: I loveeee your new Innsbruck Brown Carryall! Congrats!:biggrin:
  5. Awesome purchases! I love the beach towels!
  6. BEAUTIFUL collection! I love to see men carrying Louis. I love love love the Tobago carryall!
  7. Welcome to the PF!!! That's a great collection you got there!!
  8. Welcome to the forum! Love your collection.

    Very hot bag >

  9. Beautiful!
  10. Hi, and welcome to the forum! I like your collection, btw.
  11. Welcome! Neat collection!
  12. Welcome! You have an AWESOME collection! You're so lucky to have such a great relationship with your SA!
  13. ;) You have great taste. I bet you look really HOT in those cute shorts!
  14. Wow, you did a LOT of damage in just a few months! You have a lovely collection thus far. WELCOME to tPF!!
  15. WOW!! What a great collection!!
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