My First RAFE came today!!! What a Beauty!!!

  1. I got my new bag today! I am so in love with it. YAY!
    It is the RAFE Wooster Kate Hobo in Charcoal. The hardware is more antiqued than this picture; not so bright. The leather has many varying shades of grey and black, and it is the softest leather ever. The strap can be varied in length 3 different ways; very cool! I was worried the size would be too big for me, but it is perfect! My first Rafe, but I can tell you it won't be the last. This is a great "everyday" bag.
    I bought it from for $391.50 free shipping/no tax ($495 retail). The best bag bargain I have had in years!
  2. Very nice. Love the idea that the strap is adjustable. Congrats.:tup:
  3. Very cute! I ordered my first Rafe today...hope I like it as much as you like yours!
  4. That is a fabulous bag! I love the hardware and pockets on the front.
  5. Beautiful! I love Rafe!:tup:
  6. It is awesome. So Squishy!!!

    Thanks, ladies, for your comments! I am so excited!
  7. Very pretty bag! I love it!
  8. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  9. cooper-great bag! I really like rafe's styles!
  10. ooooh cute! Congrats!
  11. that's cute! congrats! rafe's bags and accessories are great! (i only have his clutch from target)
  12. Very nice! Congrats!
  13. That is a gorgeous bag! I had a similar Rafe bag in the blue patent Kate style and it was too big. But I think yours in the leather will soften up and scrunch in when it's broken in. Great bag!
  14. That is beautiful - enjoy!
  15. I like it. The leather looks like it would be very soft.