My First Purse- pictures i found!

  1. Hey everyone! Have been going through a lot of old stuff recently and came across these two pictures that i thought you may like.:flowers:

    This first one was taken when i was 2 while at the Zoo and i believe it was my first purse. I got it that day :yes:


    And this picture shows me with what was definitely my first favourite purse ever! I got it from some department store and used to carry it everywhere, heh I'm guessing i was about 3..


    My proof i was a purse addict from the very beginning!:cutesy:

    Anyone else have pictures like these? Would love to see!!:heart:
  2. Aww lol thats so cute! I never used to like purses lol but now I'm addicted its so weird!
  3. Adorable. The tiger purse looks so cute on you.
  4. ^^ haha, thanks you two! I'd probably still wear that Tiger purse now ;)
  5. oh, those are so cute! I wonder what you carried in there. I remember when I was a kid and I got a purse for Christmas and I had a hard time figuring out what to keep in it. I probably ended up with a purse full of broken crayons.
  6. ^ haha, that's a good question! Probably like a dollar and some play makeup.. i used to love all that really cheapy little girl makeup.. though probably not at age 2, but maybe 3. When i was a little older i used to carry around a bunch of quarters because i was obsessed with Claw Machines (game with the claw where you try to get the stuffed animals) I'm still waayyy too good at those! heh
  7. Absolutely adorable! Who knows how and why we get obsessed with bags; my friend's daughter is about the same age as you in these pics and she already has quite the collection. It's cute watching her carry a purse on her shoulder, she holds her arm straight up like she's raising her hand.

    Btw I was just in Annapolis for the first time last week....beautiful place! I think I ate about 58 crab cakes on that 3-day trip :biggrin:
  8. How adorable!
  9. Too cute.
  10. That is so cute! love your purses too.
  11. AWww these are wonderful pics you're sooo cute :love: ! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Aww that's so cute! You bag matched your trip to the zoo! Adorable!
  13. HAHAHA those are great. And now you can blame your parents for getting you started really early.
  14. Oh my goodness that is so precious!

    A true addict!
  15. awww, you're so cute.