My first purchase- very intimidated

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  1. :confused1:

    My birthday is coming up this weekend and I have decided to treat myself to my first Chanel purchase. After doing some basic research on this forum, I have decided that I wanted a practical, everyday type of a bag and I picked the Diamond Stitch, either in black or brown. First of all, do you think that it is a semi-practical bag? I would like to wear it to the office and when I'm out to dinner occasionally. I really like the way the bag looks (ok, I like the big CC).

    I live in PA, near KoP Mall. NM comes to mind immediately.

    The problem is that I am very intimidated by having to go into the store to purchase my first bag, so much negative stuff has been posted on this board about rude and snotty SA, I am afraid that they'll give me a hard time because they'll be able to tell that I am pretty uneducated about Chanel in general.

    I also don't know what the proper protocol is when it comes to buying a bag. Do I just call ahead to make sure that they have it in stock? Do I go into the store and simply ask for it?

    I know all these questions are pretty silly but I would rather know that I don't look stupid once I'm ready to buy. :confused1:
  2. The questions are not stupid at all., if it were me, I would first call, maybe some members can give you references for some SA's in the store you want to go to....and then I would call and ask if the bag you want is in stock., if it is the DS, look at the different options for it and decide which model you want.......LOL, you will change your mind many times.....but that is part of the fun., once you think you know which model you have, ask the SA if they have it or can locate one for the color you want., if in doubt and you do not want to go to the store, have them send you pictures to look at., once you decide...........then its just a matter of ........going broke for it. I always like to go to the store, try on the bags, walk around a bit with them, see all that is available, etc., etc., but whichever way is better for you its fine., let us know what you decide........and pics please....:heart:H
  3. yes, good choice for a durable and versatile bag:yes:
    I hate that people think Chanel SA's are all rude, I have shopped in numerous Chanel boutiques and NM's and have yet to meet a rude one. I am painfully casual, flip flops and bermudas usually and I still haven't been snubbed.
    I would call ahead and inquire but still go in. Make eye contact and be friendly so they know you're truly interested and not there to paw at the goods and leave :biggrin:
    If you meet an asshat, find someone new or try another store.
  4. When you call to see if the bag is there ask the SA's name and find out when they will be in the store. Forming a relationship with an SA is a great way to become more comfortable. Good luck and let us see pics of whatever you decide to get.
  5. Don't let them intimidate you, it's all an act, LOL. I would call ahead to see if they have it in stock, then go in, and look all the bags. Try them on and make sure the DS is the one for you.

    Take your time, and don't let them push you into a purchase, and if you need to leave to think it over, please do. It's your money, you decide, not them. And have fun! I love going into the boutiques and trying them all on!
  6. How much $$ do the Chanel SA make? Is it a difficult job to get?
  7. Im a Personal Shopper for Saks Fifth Avenue.. I totally agree with your statements. If the SA treats you badly just go annother. There is no reason that he treats you rudely, no matter how educated you are about CHANEL bags, the cloth you wear etc. It is simply unacceptable...
  8. not allowed!
  9. You should walk in that store with confidence, just like you would a CVS store. I bet you will get the help you need.

    I remeber years ago, I was so intimidated to go to a Chanel boutique by myself. Well, I learned on here to go in and act like your going to buy the whole store (minus the snobby atitude) and I did.

    I was treated like a paying customer, even though I didn't buy anything that day
  10. Sounds like fun...happy birthday and don't stress about it. I'm sure you will have a great experience. I love that bag, by the way, post pics when you get it.
  11. jahp, I agree.
    I truly believe that a percentage of people that think they're being snubbed by SA's are actually not.
    SA's read body language just like anyone else. If you walk in there meekly and unsure and don't make eye contatc or are shy and unfriendly, they're probably interpreting that as you wanting to be left alone.
  12. Swanky- I actually agree with the point that C'estMoi was making- I have been buying from Chanel for many years and still feel very intimidated when going to Chanel- and even spend extra time working out my outfit so that I dont look too casual and I 50% have to go up to the staff and ask for help because they will see me there- look at me and just ignore me.
  13. I'm fairly new to Chanel, all my purchases have been through Ebay (thanks to the Authenticity thread!) but the NM sale made me get up the nerve & go in person to the KoP NM (small world)!

    The SA's were all very nice, even though I was obviously NOT the wealthiest person there that day! Stacy ended up helping me, very patient & very apologetic that she was so busy & couldn't dedicate her time to me 100%.

    Honestly I felt more comfortable there then some days at my local Coach boutique! I've been treated downright horribly there & refuse to buy there anymore!

    Good luck!

    ETA: C'estMoi if you want Stacys contact info LMK & I'll PM it - I have her direct # & email address
  14. Thank you. I appreciate everyone's input. This afternoon I called NM and I talked to SA who informed me that Diamond Stitch tote is not available within the whole company but a flap diamond is. So now I have a new dilemma on my hands. Do I just buy the flap even though I initially wasn't planning on it? I think I like it as well, it's the same look, more less. I actually think that the strap being partially leather and not chain may even be more comfortable. What do you think?
  15. When is your birthday? Mine is tomorrow.....well today now!! Yay! Happy birthday to you!.
    Oh here's a song for you....Happy happy birthday, we're so glad you came, happy happy birthday from the purse-lovin' gang, We are so excited, we hope that you are too, so happy happy birthday from the purse forum crew!!! Hey, Happy Birthday..and do post pics when you get your bag, I'm currently buying myself a new b-day CHANEL as well :graucho: