My first purchase(s)!!!

  1. I recently set a goal for myself to lose a bunch of weight. My first goal (50#) was reached two weeks ago and I got my first Coach bag to celebrate the event!

    And since I didn't have a beautiful Coach wallet to match I had to get that too!




    Now I know what the fever feels like! :yes::lol:
  2. wow!! congrats on both the weight loss and the new bag & wallet!
  3. congrats! that's such a cute bag!

    My mom is halfway to the 50 she wants to lose, i'm trying to get her to find something to treat herself with but she doesn't want anything!
  4. *gasp* Doesn't want anything? You have to focus on something when you are mile 3 into your workout and wanting to quit! Those big C's are what kept me focused! :smile:

    Thanks girls for the nice comments!!
  5. Nicole-- Congrats on both the bag and your weight loss!

    Do you mind me asking how long it took you and what you did to achieve that? LOL I have been a bit of a couch potatoe lately and could stand to loose a few:smile:
  6. I also want to know how did you loose that much weight! That is awesome! Congratulations! I love that bag!
  7. Wow! 50lbs!...that is amazing, so proud of you! Congrats, Nicole! You deserve those beautiful Coach treats for all your hard work and effort, great job! :yahoo:
  8. Nicole whats your secret?? Congrats on the new bag! I love the matching wallet!!
  9. Nicole, congrats on the beautiful Coach items and losing 50 lbs!!!! amazing
  10. Congrats, on both hitting your goal and your new bag ! :yes:
  11. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  12. Nicole, that's an impressive achievement! Congrats and enjoy your well-deserved rewards! :yahoo:
  13. You guys are so sweet. Thank you!
    What I did was get moving. I started on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a time (I couldn't go any longer than that without thinking my heart was going to explode.) Finally I got up to an hour and then I was bored. So I started renting workout DVD's and ended up buying a couple and I was hooked.

    I do a lot of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds and Gilad's Total Body Workouts on FitTV everyday. Those are fun.

    I eat well and I have never starved myself but I remember that if I have something sweet I have to workout extra. That helps.

    I started all of this back in April and it took me 4 months to lose 50 pounds. Now I'm giving myself until the end of March to lose the next 50 and then I'll concentrate on maintenance. :smile:

    Oh, I should also mention that I started drinking a TON of water - I drink 4 litres a day. It's not hard when you sit at a desk job all day and have nothing else to do. Ha ha.

    My present when I hit the goal weight? A big screen tv. Wee! Thanks again for all of your well wishes. They sure do make me feel good. :smile:
  14. Congrats Nicole. I'm so happy for you. It's so hard to lose weight. I'm glad you're motivated. What a nice treat for you. Love the bag and wallet. Everytime you look at it you can think of your accomplishments.
  15. Congrats!