My first purchase...HELP! :)

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  1. Hi purse ladies...I need your help. I'm getting ready to order my first Louis Vuitton!! YAY!! I've finally decided on the Speedy 35. My question is should I get the Damier or the Monogram? Please help me decide!!:wlae:
  2. I love my Damier 30, it's so nice to have a bag that I don't have to worry about when it rains or snows. If it's going to be your only one I'd say damier so you don't have to not use it based on the weather. Also I like damier better than mono on the speedy :smile:

    Good luck!
  3. love Damier! but really you can't go wrong with either.
  4. hmm, either one is a good choice. Damier if you dont want to worry about weather, but i say mono since it is a bit more traditional and u get to watch ur vachetta patina
  5. I like the monogram more and more as of lately. I think the Damier is more classy looking though and worryfree.

    Personally, I would get the monogram. I like the look of it as it ages.
  6. monogram! I think the damier pattern is a bit too "masculin" for such a plain bag.
  7. have to say damier, you will love.....worry free...this will not be the last lol x
  8. I would say damier but when this is your very first purchase, I would recommend monogram. More classical choise and hey, you can always buy that damier as your second lv purchase ;)
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    OMG! My first purchase was just the other week! I never knew a bag could make me this happy.. :smile: Anyway, I got the Speedy 30 in Damier. I was also stuck in a rut and had to choose between either the Damier or the Monogram. I love them both BUT the Damier looked sassy and the colors seemed to look better on me. :smile: However, I am considering buying the monogram soon... Not sure yet.. :smile: GOOD LUCK SWEETY!

    PS: The monogram speedy gets easily dirty. My girlfriends all have their monograms and their speedy's have all developed that darker color on the handle. The Damier has a dark handle so worrying about dirt is not an issue.. :smile:
  10. I think the Monogram would be a great first LV. The Damier 35 looks masculine to me.
  11. Definatly Monogram for your first piece
  12. I'm having the same dillema!!! I've only recently gotten into LV (I always thought it was way to expensive for canvas) but I have no idea which pattern I want to get first. Anyone find one more versatile than the other, is one more dressy or casual than the other? Any opinions would be much apprecitated.

    Sorry to highjack the thread
  13. Mono - it is a great for your first. I really love the look of it - and I like it as it ages. It shows character and reminds you of all your good times together.
  14. Go for the damier. I looove it. It is worry-free since there is no vachetta to worry about. The red interior is a nice little bonus. Others will likely suggest that you get the monogram since this is your first piece....but even if you got the damier...I doubt this will be your last go for what appeals to you more and dont just get the mono because just because it is your 1st piece.
  15. Monogram! :smile: My Mono 35 is absolutely one of my top 3 favorites!