My First Purchase for 2007!

  1. After weeks of waiting for the launch of the Pomme. I finally got my hands on the pochette wallet! :yahoo:

    And....Sweet Monogram Earrings! They are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! :drool:

    So happy so happy.....:wlae:
    DSC00753 (Medium).JPG DSC00754 (Medium).JPG DSC00755 (Medium).JPG DSC00756 (Medium).JPG
  2. Congratulations! Nice pieces to start off the new year!
  3. i love your purchases:heart:
  4. congrats.. your earrings are so cute...
  5. :drool: so cute
  6. all your new goodies!!!!May i ask the price for these earrings??
  7. Congrats ---- stunning colour:heart:
  8. bb10lue the earrings were just AUD330. I see that you are in Aust. as well :smile:
  9. ^^thank you~!!! Love the earrings, they are too cute!!!:p
  10. CONGRATS..! :love::love: Love your earrings & wallet
  11. Congratulations I love everything!! Love the earrings, been meaning to get those myself, they´re of a good price!
  12. Congrats ! Enjoy! Those earrings are adorable!
  13. I love the colour of that gorgeous!
  14. ooh.... love the earrings!!! CONGRATS!!!
  15. Congrats! The earrings are adorable! I have the same wallet and :heart: it!