My first Pulse pre-order!!

  1. I'm so excited! I got in my order for a Transporto Cucciolo (hopefully featuring the camo kid in the humvee) and a Vacanze Bambinone (hopefully featuring my beloved Snow Ninja!) :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I'm so excited!! Casey was super nice and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum that provides information on toki retailers! For those of us in Toki-deprived areas, all of you are lifesavers!
  2. Cool! I pre-ordered a Vacanza Scuola and a Transporto Ciao!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. yay! congrats on your very first pre-order esmeraude! :woohoo:
  4. Congrats!! I am anxiously looking forward to my Pulse pre-order - I will be moving to a completely toki-deprived area this year!
  5. Congrats!!

    I ordered a Vacanze Stellina from them for the first time too ;D
  6. I preordered a Vacanze Cucciolo, zucca, and denaro. I can't wait for them!
  7. hi, pardon me if i post on the wrong thread, but any of you know the accessories for vacanze, such as the metal hardware and strap colour? TIA :flowers:
  8. Hi! Sorry for asking (I'm new to this forum, nevermind a forum in general) but when you pre-order a tokidoki, do they take your credit card info and charge you or do they wait till the print is actually out?

    (Sorry if that's a dumb question!)
  9. they get your credit card info. but they don't charge you till it comes in.... So the day it comes they automatically charge it to your card and send it out to you.
  10. There is also a Paypal option when you register to the Pulse website if you don't feel like giving your credit card # upfront.
  11. Thanks!!