My first PS1!

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  1. My aunt was no longer using her PS1, and she gave it to me! I love the color and that it's already slouchy!

    I was hoping to treat it to protect the color and leather. I've seen some posts about leather honey? Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks for looking :smile:

    (Sorry if the pictures are huge)

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  2. Congrats on your PS1! :yes:

    I have only used Blackrock Leather 'N' Rich on my PS1s (mainly to get rid of scratch marks) and have had good results. I would recommend reading through the Care and Maintenance thread:

    Leather Honey is mentioned quite a bit in the Bal forum and I have seen some good before and after pics. I did try it on one of my Bals and after a couple of days it didn't seem to have helped with the dryness at all. I ended up sending it to LMB. IMO, Leather Honey is a last resort for a really dry bag. Your PS1 doesn't look dry...just faded.

    If you are looking to have some of the color restored I would recommend contacting LMB. I have sent them a few bags and Gary is amazing.

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  3. Thank you guys so much! I don't know how I missed the care and maintenance thread...and Elliespurse I think that's it! The color shows up a lot lighter in the pictures (and it's faded). What makes this color rare?
  4. Hi, the color is rare because fewer were made back then and I think I only saw the Evergreen at OpeningCeremony. PS sometimes provided a small batch of a color to only one store.
  5. I think I'll try the Blackrock Leather N Rich, thanks! And the Care and Maintenance thread has been awesome! Also I have the Collonil Waterstop spray. Should I use that before or after the conditioner? Or not at all?
  6. If I were to use Collonil I would use it a day or two after applying the Blackrock.
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