my first ps with faceline......

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  1. #1 Jun 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    HI everyone,
    i am new to this things... since last few month i have been reading all the things about asian ps in korea (seoul) and was very helpful. so i decided to share my experience and hope that it will at least help someone (i hope;)).
    so here it goes........
    i went to seoul south korea (daeyang minguek) end of may 2016 with my boy friend voor 12 days vacation (2in1 also for ps).
    my boy friend have his child hood frds there who help us so show us around.....
    on 28th may we went to checkout few clinic which i have short list after 5or 6 month of research.
    first thing in the morning we went to JW as this clinic was on my top list but i was so disappointed :sad:. when we first went in there were only 1 clint or patient who was waiting near the reception and the place is kind of small. they were so 4 or 5 woman at reception who hardly speak english but thank god i have korean frds with me so one of staff gave me a form to fill with details of what kind of treatment or surgery i want, medical history and etc....
    then after 10 min a guy came and called me (english translater), we went for consultation with one doc (never see him in thier website nor in youtude videos).
    my frds came with me but that english translater guy wont let my frds speak for me instead he intervier when ever they try to talk with doc for me (not to mention his eng was basic) and then i told him i only want to have double eyelid and fat grafting on face but that doc suggested me few other treatment which was totally not needed.
    after the cunsultation that eng trans guy took us to other room to discuss abt the price and he quoted me around 8000 usd for eyelid and fat grafting, which was insane as i already contact this clinic month back before coming to seoul and they said it is around 4000. when i told him about the price they quoted me via kakao, he was like that one was me and i made mistake . i ws like what the **** people come from over sea dependint on what you have told them and when they come here you change yoru statment without a secound thought thats a bull**** and fooling people.
    i told him that i read that some one got face fat grafting from here and afterfew month it turn out to difft size on the cheeks so i am kind of worried what if it happens to me after paying so much and he was like thats not our fault, it is that womans fault who didnt tk of herself (i was very disappointed with his statement ). so i decide to not stay a minute longer in this clinic where if the result r not good then its patient faoult not the clinic :mad:.

    we went to other few clinics and then my frds said faceline is good one as they have many tv shows in korea and they r alwys in news (for good reason).
    So i decide to give it a shot and we wnet in.
    the first impration when i saw the reception was better then other clinics and they were many local woman (these time of the year which is not ps season) so i was impress. then i filled the smae form as other clinic, my details....
    to be honest only the english tranlater was good and the rest of reception staff was kind of off the way they smile( fake one ) and thier tone was not good one .
    specially there is this one lady who will take your picture before the surgery she is rude and she is worst looking :P of all.
    after summiting form we went to consultation with doc (me,my frds and eng tras lady).
    that lady was kind enough to let my frds take fore me and she even crack few jokes saying my frds r helping the clinic too and i told de doc that i want double eyelid (incision) and face fat grafting. the thing is that he suggested i shouldnt get ful face fat grafting as i dont need it, so he will do only on fore head and cheek area .
    so i was glad and he didnt suggest me any other treatment.
    then we went to discuss the price which they quote 3800usd (i paid cash so it was less :graucho:).
    then we fixed my surgery dates on 30th may.
    and every thign went smoothly.
    the only thing is that they dont have any post surgery treatment. they do have shampoo facility but you have to call in advace to book appointment and they dont have any deswelling treatment :wacko: and if you want pumpkin juice you ahve to buy from them which i didnt .
    i did get bad sweeling on my 2nd to 4th day but eventually it went well on 5th and 6th day.
    today i am back in amsterdam (i am from netherland ) post 13th day after surgery and i lov my result spl eyes they already looks so natural.
    fat grafting still need to go down a little bit as i look lke park bom(my fav kpop 2ne1:loveeyes:)
    so if you guys have any question regarding ps on eyelid and fatgrafting msg me and i will give you details also about seoul hehehehe. i do speak little bit of korena but not that much.
    take care people and hats off to all those brave beauty who goes alone for ps and you need some one to support you mentally and physically .
  2. yes i went there my self withfrds and thier reception is kind of small and suffocating as there r buntch of reception staff looking at you when they have nothing to do. presonally i just hated the english translater guy, he kind of dont care what about person instead is all about money for him:mad: fooled me by giving alot cheaper price in kakoa and triple higher in face to face.