My First Prada!

  1. So I finally got my first Prada, although it's not a big piece I'm still very happy with it. I've been wanting to purchase a new wallet since last year. Been wanting to get a large wallet since all my previous ones are smaller ones. For awhile I've been tempted to get a Balenciaga wallet but cannot justify spending over $500 before tax on a wallet. Afterwards, I encountered a Prada and fell in love with the Saffiano leather and the simplicity of it.

    Then last month just before my birthday, my poor Gucci wallet cracked up (I'm not complaining because I've been using that one every single day for the past 5+ years). It was time for Gucci to retire, but unfortunately, Holt Renfrew did not have any Saffiano leather wallet in stock. So I got my sister to purchase one for me since she was going to Milan and will be back before Holts restock.

    So here it is :smile:




    And of course this beauty is made in Italy!!
  2. Here's a shot of it outside the box :smile:

  3. I have bought my first prada bag from the store.
    I think my bag have some issue.
    Then I went back to the Sa and she say it is normal.
    The leather seem to worn out only one side. So i went back home because i have no idea (it is my first prada bag) After a month i use it. It is still worn out and it only happen on oneside.
    I ask my friend who have got a prada saffiano. She dont have this problem. Honestly, i dont over put stuff in my bag only wallet and some make up.
    Have anyone face the same problem? Have your prada bag has such a bad quality like this?
    I am very disappointed and i will bring it back to the store again this week!!!
  4. this is the picture

  5. Love the colour! Congrats!!
  6. Thanks yikkie! I initially wanted a pink one but they only had navy back in all of Milan!
  7. Jibziie, I don't have any problems with mine. Been using it for exactly a month. Out of curiosity, where is your bag made in?
  8. Love the blue!
  9. It's a beautiful wallet - congratulations on your first Prada!
  10. Congrats on your purchase!! Navy looks great! Cant believe theres no pink available in milan 😳
  11. Very beautiful
  12. I know eh?! I can't believe they don't have pink either! But the navy will probably be a more timeless colour!
  13. Congrats on your new wallet and I love the colour! I am sure she will serve you well!
  14. Beautiful blue