My first Prada

  1. I just got it today here in Brown Thomas Dublin, Ireland :smile:

  2. Beautiful, congrats!!
  3. beautiful bag, is it purple?
  4. Sooooo pretty!
  5. And don't you just love the GIANT box that it comes in?!
  6. pretty!!!! congratulations!!! i can smell it from here.....;)
  7. Gorgeous bag! I would also like to know what color it is. Congrats on your first!
  8. Its beautiful! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! Whats this size? BN2274?
  10. Yes it's Purple, a medium size viola
  11. Lol! Yes, seriously I have to carry it while shopping. Quite heavy
  12. Purple, Viola
  13. It's a medium size viola/ purple. It's a lovely rare color


  14. image-189246355.jpg

    This is a better photo of my very first Prada medium size viola/purple
  15. Congrats ! It's gorgeous .:smile: Does it come with long strap??