My first prada

  1. Just wanna share my very first prada experience..:p
    Went to hawaii for our 1st yr. anniversary. I wasn't planning to buy a prada bag but went in the store anyway. The SA told me that the bags are 70% off...guess there was a mistake it was only supposed to be 40% but the manager honor the price!!! so I got me a very nice deerskin leather bag....:yahoo:
  2. Congratulation to your anniversary and the awesome deal! Please post its pictures when you got a chance.
  3. Wow - what good luck! That must have been so much fun..congrats!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Wow, definitely post pictures.
  6. i will soon... just need to load all this pix..
  7. Awesome deal!!! Can't wait to see pics!