My first Prada, your thoughts?

  1. Ladies I am a Chloe, Marc Jacob, Jimmy Choo, Dior girl, but this is my very first Prada. I just ordered this one from Neiman Marcus, please tell me what you think and also, if you could only have one Prada, which would it be?
    prada calf leather tote.jpg
  2. it's beautiful!
  3. congrats! I havent been liking the gathered leather, but this bag has it in moderation and overall it is a very nice shape
  4. Wow!! Great first choice!! I love the style of this bag: (2) handles...I've been looking for a smaller version of this types of bag for months....!!! No designer is on my wavelength yet :cursing: ...Can't wait to see pics!! Congrats!!! I think this is a very beautiful bag....Enjoy! :heart: Emmy
  5. Once you get your hands on that bag and feel the leather, I promise it won't be your LAST Prada.:nuts:
  6. ITA :smile:
  7. It's a beauty.

  8. I love those bags--what a nice choice for your first Prada. I just have one, (I'm not counting the fake Prada I stupidly got off eBay) the antic easy shoulder bag (can't recall the exact title), but I wish I'd gotten one of the drawstring satchels--I do like the gathered look.
  9. I think it's simply divine!
  10. I LOVE it! I have the smaller (or shorter) version of it, and I use it all the time!!! The leather is amazing, and it gets better with time.

    Excellent choice!

  11. Congratulations.
  12. OOOOH! I LOVES that bag..DYING to order it myself!Post pics when you get it!!!!!
  13. I love it!! Enjoy your new bag:yes:
  14. Congrats!

    It's gorgeous!
  15. Still waiting to get it. You are right, that leather looks so soft!