My first Prada wallet :)

  1. Just scored this wallet from the woodbury outlet. Love the feel of the leather and the color :biggrin: (will post more pics of the inside later)
  2. Very nice! Love the color!
  3. As promise, inside the wallet
  4. Thanks MaliaNia :smile:
  5. its lovely.
  6. Congrats, it's nice
  7. omg, beauty! i love this color so much
    congratz ;)
  8. Thanks ladies! The color is actually a little more beige than grey in person :smile:
  9. very nice! I love how the outside color and inside look together.
  10. Beautiful wallet!:smile:
  11. gorgeous wallet! love the colors
  12. You will love it. I got my wallet a year or two ago after being loyal to LV for years...Prada is ten times better and I cannot rave enough about them. Great choice!!
  13. Hello!

    I have a question about the interior lining of the Prada Saffiano wallets.

    Is the interior lining for the card slots/bill slot, leather or nylon?
    Mine is nylon for the bill/card slot interior lining.
    Is that authentic?

  14. Yes its nylon :smile:
  15. Very pretty! I love the color of your wallet! Congrats!