My first Prada!! Surprise!! <3

  1. Pretty bag u got there... Im eyeing for one too... ;)
  2. Wow good for you then! its a gorgeous bag! anyway actually I really want that model of bag. However I want the pale grey color and I think they never have one :sad:
    all other model of pale grey (pomice) is all sold out too all over the states :sad::sad:
  3. Congrats! She's lovely :smile: I want one!
  4. Thank you!! Love it loads! Which state in Aus are you from? I'm from Melb!
  5. Hehehe thanks! It's truly worth it! Love the colour!
  6. Thanks!
  7. Thank you! Indeed it's a pretty Bella! Got to be one of my most comfortable bag! With prada colours, you got to purchase there and then cause it's so unique and the colours are always beautiful. Took me 2weeks to order the cammeo, last one from the country where I'm from at the mean time. You can always be on the waiting list, that's what I did until it's available.