My First Prada Runway Piece

  1. Ok, It is not a bag or a IT thing, but I absolutely love it!!:heart:

    I just purchase this Prada runway mens belt from Melbourne Store,Australia. My SA said this particular style is extremely limited!!Ok, I admit that whole "limited"thing got to me again. And it was the LAST piece in whole Australia. The belt is HUGE in real life!!And very BLING BLING too, I have never in my life bought such a BLING thing, I guess I might have to get used to the attention of people getting from the belt. I felt in love with this belt right when I seen the F/W Mens Runway Show. It is such a unique design, although I am a little bit of it will be out of season too soon, but I love it so much that I can overlook it.

    Anyway, just want to share my joy of the purchase.As usual, here are the pics;)



  2. congrats! dont worry too much about the season thing. if it is fab, who cares? also, you can always rest it in the closet just after you feel all the buzz is gone, wait a bit, and when you wear it again, it will be unique again! have fun!

    (love melbourne by the way. might move there if i can drag husband along...)
  3. BTW, the belt only come with the dust bag, no box, no authentic card or others.Is it normal???
  4. Fabulous! Congrats!
  5. Not sure about the whole dust bag/box thing but I have to admit that belt is ab fab!

    Rock it and who cares about seasons!
  6. What a nice belt! Great taste! I love it!:heart:
  7. You should get a dust bag, but not usually a box. ;)

    I saw the female version of this last week. I might have considered it, but for the price tag! :wtf:
  8. OMG!I saw that at NM in the MENS dept..and was like...wahhhhhh!!!I want the girl version!LOL!
    All my belts come with a card and a tiny dustbag.Thru Prada and NM.Id check with your should have come with it

    LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!!!!!Congrats!
  9. This is a very cool belt! Love it!!! congrats~
  10. duncan_ has great taste!

    I have a bunch of Prada belts. Bag no box. Usually my SA will send it bagged in a Gucci box. Too funny!
  11. Thank you everyone;)

    I was just feeling a little strange when the SA only gave me the bag, since all of my LV purchases do come with a box. But, it is doesn't matter, I love the belt, that's all it counts :wlae:
  12. wow, i love it, congrats :biggrin:!
  13. The belt is cool! Enjoy it!