My first Prada reveal!

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  1. Hi!

    I´m new here at TPF and this is my first post in the Prada section so I was thinking about to start with my sharing my first Prada purchase... :smile:

    This baby is from a (trusted) ebay-seller so I don´t have the Prada store bag or anything to show;), but I think the name of the bag is Soft Calf Sughero Satchel Tote...


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  2. Adore this style..congrats!!! Thanx for posting pics and welcome to the forum!!!
  3. Great colour congrats
  4. Nice bag! And welcome - this is one of my favorite boards. Such nice knowledgeable ppl here.

    These gals (and guys LOL) know ALOT about Prada!
  5. Thank you very much!:P
  6. oh that is NICE!!
  7. that is one of my all time favorite styles, love it! Congratulations on your first Prada purchase. :smile:
  8. sofe calf!!! nice color! enjoy ur new prada!
  9. A Beautiful and cute bag! This one is on my wish list. Congrats!!
  10. congrats,, looks great
  11. Can't ever go wrong with a Prada from the soft calf line. It is THE best!!! :nuts: