My first Prada - Keeper?

  1. Love it -- I don't have this bag but I love it. It is a keeper!
  2. It's beautiful!!! How did you find it? Definitely a keeper!
  3. Kept hitting the NM sale pages one night (and not expecting anything ) and there she was. I grabbed her as quickly as possible. Arrived yesterday. I shall post some real life pics later.
  4. Lucky you!! do they normally update their website during night?
  5. They had their clearance sale for about 2 weeks befre that. And the bags would come in at all hours of the day. All good things come to an end right? For the last week or so I have not seen anything :sad:
  6. Well, that's good for me....or I would keep checking if they have anything new and I just couldn't stop myself from buying bags....:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  7. Very Cute....congrats!!!
  8. Very nice! I love the deal you got, too. That makes it even better.
  9. gorgeous
  10. Very cute!
  11. yeah, i would keep it, very beautiful!!
  12. [​IMG]You got a great deal on this bag. She is a beauty!
  13. After much thought, I don't think this color will work for me. For that much money I need to be able to use this bag a lot more that I would. So,I have decided to send it back. It will be in the mail tomorrow.
  14. gorgeous!!!