My first Prada in years--but is it a keeper??

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  1. My SA sent me this bag. I am looking for something ivory/white for summer. I can't make up my mind whether to keep it. Will it look dated by next year. Is there too much going on with those grommets? I'm on the fence. Any enlightened opinions??

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  2. I don't love it. I personally would prefer a solid color, more wearing options.
  3. There is a bit too much going on with all the grommets IMHO... detracts from the shape and leather.
  4. Do YOU like it and will YOU carry it? Nothing else really matters. You obviously don't love it hence the thread.
    Personally I like it. If it came in nylon I would really like it. If I am spending that kind of money it better be til death do us part
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