my first prada bag!!!!!!

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  1. ok....first off, hi fellow pf'ers! i am 12 years old (if you didint know that)...... i just raised enough money to buy my first prada!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :wlae: (bead stand) (posted in lv section) do you have any prices, pics, and ideas of some prade nylon bags? they have to be cheaper than 300. thanks for the help!!
  2. Congrats!!

    Enjoy your bag.. many people viewed this thread but no one said anything..
  3. Can you search online at the Neiman Marcus site? I think they have a lot of Pradas and I think some are in your price range. Especially if you catch them when they are on sale! If you're in northern VA you are near the best shopping centers and you could see what they are like and if they suit you. Do you want a handbag or a shoulder bag? I'm not good at posting pics, but I'll check out the NM site and see what I can find.

    I usually check the Prada forum, but didn't see your post till now--so sorry! I'll be back later. And congratulations to you for saving up--way to go!:yahoo:
  4. Hi, Couture_Girl. On a few different sites, there are wallets under $300, too many to list. I found them on and Neiman Marcus Online and Prada Gucci Tod's Hogan Shoes Handbags and Clothing Made in Italy.

    I saw a nylon handbag in the sale section of Neiman Marcus for $217. I wasn't able to upload the pic (error message), but if you go to Neiman Marcus, click on sales, click on handbags, click on Prada, you'll find it. It's really a cute bag--black nylon and leather, 10"w, 4+" h, 2" deep, and it's in stock!

    Are you going to the store or order whatever you decide on? If you order online, there are usually free shipping codes--check in the deals and steals forum or PM me and I might know of one.

    Again, you should be very proud of yourself for saving that much to get an item you want!