My first Prada bag and key charm!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm very new to Prada, and decided to jump ship the first chance I had!

    I decided to purchase my first Prada bag because I love the style, the leather and the fact some bags can switch from hand to shoulder if needed. I was in the market for a hand held bag that wasn't too big. I initially wanted a BL0797 in patent red leather but none were available in Australia. So my second choice was a classic bag that is sure to last me years[FONT=&quot] :smile:[/FONT]
  2. It's a 1801 in nero! I think you might call it also a saffiano double zip tote too.

    I also bought the black enamel Prada cat key chain because I do love cats :catlick:
  3. Congratulations Starbunny! The Double Zip is a classic that will last. For being new to Prada you sure made a great choice!
  4. Congrats to this beauty! I totally agree with Gatsby, absolute great choice. Welcome to the black saffiano tote club haha.
  5. Thank you! The first time I walked into a Prada was Christmas 2011. It took almost a year to take the plunge, but it was well worth it. If the BL0797 ever comes back (I really hope the size is not a seasonal piece) it will be my second bag :biggrin:
  6. soo beautiful! congrats!
  7. OMG... that key charm is sooo cute... I have the same bag, been looking for a charm as well.
  8. Gorgeous congrats!
  9. I love it!!!! Congrads!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Great first ~ Definitely a classic!
  12. Gorgeous, congrats :smile:

  13. I love it! Classic and classy
  14. Beautiful prada !!
  15. Wonderful bag! Any chance of some photos of you modelling the bag?