My first Prada and I'm like a crazy!

  1. thank you so much ladies :winkiss:
  2. OMG! love! very nice
  3. very classy bag!
  4. Gorgeous bag!
  5. That Tote is stunning!
    Congrats! :smile:
  6. Thank you so much for yours nice comments :heart:
  7. Very nice!!!! Look gd on you. May i know is this bag heavy?:p
  8. Congrats... i own the same one, This bag is great, classic, practical but little heavy :cool:
    The soft calf skin is so soft and smell good :tup:
  9. Love it!!!
  10. Yes, I totally agree, it's amazing bag. Can be classic or sporty :smile:
    How long did you have it and what about maintance (leather conditioner?)
    I'm afraid of cold weather (freeze, snow). Maybe better not wear in winter :biggrin:
  11. I am used to heavier bags, so it seems to ok to me :smile:
  12. thank you so much :smile:
  13. Just 1 month, i use Collonil delicate cream to clean and moisture her by Collonil Diamant for her. But i heard she's okay with rain but snow or freeze i don't know. Bangkok is hot and rainy all year. ^^"
  14. Lovely! Congrats..

    I am addicted to Prada and have 3 handbags so far and still want more! :nuts:

    I also love what you're wearing.. Could you please ID the shirt? TIA!
  15. Omg, I love it! So classic! :biggrin: