My first Prada and I'm like a crazy!

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  1. mine was 520 euro
    rest of leather totes was around 500 euro too
    unfortunately I don't know prices of scarfs
  2. That was a good price! Hope i will be able to visit that outlet this year. Keep enjoying ur lovely Prada!
  3. beautiful
  4. fingers crossed! :smile:
  5. ddmichelle, thank you :smile:
  6. does it come with long strap?
  7. i love your bag :smile:
  8. Looks beautiful :smile:

    I use Collonil Nano Pro for nearly all my shoes and bags for waterproofing and I'm pretty happy with it. But I can understand your worries though, perhabs you ask in the shop you bought it because of warranty?
  9. yes, it has adjustable strap :smile:
    this is great about the bag, it can be elegant on the forearm as well as casually elegant with a long strap
  10. thank you so much ;)
  11. thank you so much for this comment
    i have collonil too, but i'm thinking about apple guard but still not sure which one. i would like treatement (not only waterproof) for this soft calf skin :wondering
  12. Great bag! Congrats!
  13. Gorgeous bag. I especially love the size.
  14. I dont't know apple guard. In Addition to Nano I use Collonil Special Wax as a spray for smooth leather. I guess you should only spray, no lotion, cremes or something like that. (hehe, I used to work in a shoe boutique :p)
  15. good to know, thanks! :smile: