my first prada and how i nearly lost it


Oct 18, 2006
as some PFers might know, my mulberry bayswater and its contents were stolen from me last night. fortunately the security guards at the mall managed to find my bayswater in a disused stairwell but everything in it - my wallet, ipod, cellphone, watch and even my cosmetics (!) - were taken by the thief. other than the trauma of having had my bag (which i had placed right beside me, on the floor though) stolen from right under my nose, i was just thankful that it wasn't my first prada bag that was stolen!

just a couple of hours before the theft, i was in the prada store trying my luck in finding a bag that was from seasons past. surprisingly, the SA i spoke to knew exactly what i was talking about, smiled at me and disappeared into the stockroom. a couple of minutes and several skips of the heart later, he came back with THE EXACT BAG I WAS LOOKING FOR! my day couldn't have been better and of course i left the store toting a large paper bag with my virgin prada.

i had originally intended to transfer the contents of my mulberry into the new prada but i was running late for classes and left my new purchase with my mom instead. who would have thought that had there been ample time and if i really had gone ahead with transferring the contents and using the prada bag instead, i reckon i wouldn't be making this post right now because the thief would probably have made off with the prada! :sweatdrop:

so i'm counting my blessings for now and on hindsight, i guess scoring a new prada and something which doesn't come by in the stores so often does alleviate the pain of having had my things stolen.

as a sidenote, is it the norm for boxes to not be included? or should i be marching back up to the SA and asking for a box to go with my new baby?

here's my new precious virgin prada!



Feb 10, 2007
congrats gorgeous bag so sorry to here about your bag being stolen then dumped and all the contents inside where gone. some people just dont have a heart, karma is the only thing to such situation and i know that person will soon see that at some point. but congrats.


Mar 26, 2008
Gorgeous bag! Congrats on finding it! Sorry about the theft - I would've been soooo pissed off. Good thing it wasn't your new Prada too.


Jul 27, 2008
that is one GORGEOUS bag!!! very practical... things happen for a reason, and good thing you didn't transfer your bag contents yet!!!
Aug 21, 2007
Canada & Mexico
How terrible that you were assaulted in that manner. Creeps, they stock us woman with purses you know, so please be even more careful and find a way to have part of the bag attached to you instead of just beside you. We live in evil times so we must be more diligent in protecting ourselves and our belongings. So glad that you were not harmed:heart:
Now I must say C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S:nuts::yahoo::woohoo: ON YOUR NEW BABY!! Enjoy and wear him in good health.


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Aug 18, 2007
sooo sorry to hear about what happened to you. That must've been scary!

on a lighter note, CONGRATS!!!! your new bag is GORGEOUS!!!

May I ask where you were able to get her?


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Nov 28, 2006
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omg, you are sooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry all your items were stolen. It's just the inconvenience of having to cancel everything that would tick me off!!

Love your Prada though!


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Dec 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
That's terrible that your bag was taken and dumped with the contents gone. At least you CAN replace those stolen item so that's a bright side - as well as having your prada safe and sound ;)
About the box, when I bought my Prada bag I didn't get a box, but my sister got her wallet/ key charms etc with boxes so I'm not really sure.
Again, so sorry you had to endure your bag being taken and hopefully that's the last of the bag snatching you'll have to ever experience though. :hugs:


Aug 9, 2008
nice bag! what luck that they had the exact one you were looking for! but sorry to hear about the theft! what a jerk!

regarding the boxes, when i've bought prada bags, they didn't automatically box it up. so i asked for a box. she looked at me kinda weird at first, like the boxes are only for gifts, and she knew the bag was for me. but hell, if i'm gonna spend all that money on the bag, the least they can do is throw in a box!


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Feb 18, 2006
OMG! I so wish I haven't open this thread! Now I have to have it! It looks even more beautiful on your pics than on their website!

You lucky gal!:drool:


Jan 10, 2008
that's terrible for your bag to be stolen right under like that!

congrats on your new bag though. it's such a beautiful brown!