My first Prada a Daino Tote

  1. I have to start this off saying I never thought I'd own a Prada handbag, I honestly never gave them much thought. When a fellow TPFer (hrhsunshine) posted a pic of this bag in red in the 'post your non bal purchases' thread I instantly fell for it. I love the pebbled leather; calfskin is my favorite leather for handbags. The size looked perfect for my needs she compared it to the bal city which is perfect size wise for me.

    While shopping around downtown I'd often go check them out none of the colors really stuck out to me besides the black one. I know Prada bags tend to go on sale more than other premium designers do. I was slightly hesitant to pay full price for this bag knowing that so I've always admired this bag from afar. And black is such a staple color so the likelihood of this color going on sale is pretty slim.

    Well as it turns out the odds are apparently in my favor! I was checking my email on my phone I got a email from NM about their designer sale, so I naturally checked out what handbags were on sale and low and behold the bag I've been lusting for so long in the color I want was on sale! I didn't even think twice about it I snapped it up right away.

    I got it from fedex today along with another bag from Barneys that is already on its way back lol. When I opened it up it was love at first sight I love the leather, I love the gold hardware, I love the gold "buckle" on the front, I love the protective feet on the bottom. I quickly switched my junk from the bag I was currently using to my new one.

    I've included some modeling pics, I'm 5'3 plus size.





    Even plus size I can wear this over the shoulder, it's not really in a spot I find favorable on me I generally don't like anything near my armpits. But I can easily say that a average size person should be able to fit the straps over their winter coat.

    A close up on the leather.

    This is the label on the box for anyone who's interested.

  2. Hmmm not sure why the pics aren't showing up. . . when I clicked edit it showed the img codes for them.
  3. Try again please
  4. Yea now the pics are showing up, I think it was a PB issue.
  5. Nice bag. It is a great on you.
  6. Gorgeous!

    And on sale :tup:
  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
  8. I was just looking at that style online today! It is such a nice shape! Congrats - looks great on you!
  9. I love this bag, thanks for the great review and modeling pics. I've lusted after this bag for quite sometime too. Vitello Daino and soft calf are my fav leathers. Never bit the bullet to pay FP but glad I waited. I was able to snag a cobalt blue one in the smaller size. Congrats! Yours arrived a lot quicker than mine as I'm still waiting!

    The size is perfect on you.
  10. Thanks girls! After using it for a few days I'm really happy with it and am glad I snapped it up. I love how the top is open but not open if that makes any scene, because of the buckle it doesn't feel like it's open but it's wide enough I can easily go in my bag for my phone, long wallet, ect without having to undo the buckle. Also I wanted to share a story with you guys I was in Little Louie(a LV inside Nordies) and I was checking out the new speedy b DE and I had my bag on the counter another lady came up to my bag and started checking it out she really liked the leather(you could say she was feeling up my bag haha). The SA had to tell her it's my bag and not a LV bag lol.
  11. I was just looking at this bag in the sales to purchase for my mom but I think I would just keep it if I get it lol
  12. Great choice! Gorgeous bag. Looks great on you. Congrats!
  13. I received my bag today too but in a dark blue. Love it. Just verifying if yours is the smaller version of the tote. Mine is the smaller version but I did not receive a box with mine. I see from your box, the bag was supposed to come with a cloche. Did yours or was it only included in the larger version? I also never received a Prada dust bag but rather a plain white generic one, kind of perturbed. Inquiring with SA now.

    I was also charged $884 but was told the smaller version's sale price was $800??
  14. I had no idea that this bag comes in different sizes. This is the one I bought and the dimensions are correct in the listing. The box that it came in was a plain grey box but it had the sticker on the side, I'm assuming it's a NM box because I would think that if it was a Prada box they would put their logo on it. I don't know what a cloche is I did notice in the picture on the box it looked like it had a key on a string thing, it did not come with one. I thought it was weird it was in the picture and it didn't come with one, none of the ones I've seen before in the store had the key on a string thing. I did receive a prada dust bag with my bag.
  15. ^ i actually bought the same bag, in sand, also in the smaller size. From the posts i saw in tpf, the larger bag was the 800, smaller (like ours) was 887. I compared bec i actually liked the bigger one, but it was unavailable online. When i compared the online pics, the buckle on the bigger bag is different (like the buckle of the miu miu coffer), and what we got was the big push lock.

    here's the bigger one, the orig price is cheaper too 1195$
    i got the smaller bag online for 800$ at Bergdorfs, but while it was in stock, the same bag was at Neimans website for 887$. i was just glad the color i wanted was at bergdorf, bec it was cheaper and there's no tax. i also got a box, and prada dust bag, but the pic on the box i got did not have the key on a string thingy either, so i guess i got the right box for the bag.

    this was the one i got, its oos in sand now