My first post on TPF! I never thought I would do this...


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Nov 11, 2010
Central Jersey
Hey Everybody,

My name is Patryk. I've been looking at purse forum over my girlfriend's shoulder for over a year now. The thought to be apart of this forum has never crossed my mind until a couple of days ago.

Thanks to my gf I've been introduced to the wonderful world of handbags. At first I know, "it's a girl thing," but man does she spend a lot of time on here. I want us to be apart of each others lives, and I came here to get a better understanding of why she is so interested in this stuff. I want to feel what she feels so we can relate to things that matter to us most.

There may be a little sprinkle of me wanting to apart of this as well. I didn't say that! Learning about the world of handbags and the quality that goes into an Hermes' Burkin has opened my eyes to the quality of the items that I buy aka Men's items. BTW anything Men's thats made by Hermes' is basically my "holy grail" as you guys would put it. Ha! I never thought I would say that.

Anyways thanks for reading I'll be floating around posting comments here and there.

My Blog if anyone is interested, no worries, everything is PG here =)

xxx please don't advertise your blog
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