my first post :o) & ?s about green epi speedy

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post although I have been reading the forums for a few months now.

    I have been wanting a green epi speedy 25 for awhile now, and since the color has been discontinued for sometime, I will have to get it off eBay. Ugh.

    I am wondering how likely it is that I can get an authentic one. The epi leather can't be faked as often as the monogram canvas, right???

    Thank you for reading !
  2. Your best bet is to search around on eBay, when you find one post it on the authenticate this LV thread and multiple people will be able to look it over and try to help you determine if it is real or not.
  3. Yes, Epi leather is faked

    Please post any auctions in the Authenticate This thread and we will do our best to help you :yes:

    Welome! :smile:
  4. While epi is/ has been faked, I don't think I've ever seen a fake Borneo green epi- it's most often black.
  5. welcome to tPF. the epi can definitely be faked...i've seen many of them in all colors. the best thing as others have mentioned is to authenticate via this site and also learn as much as you can about that bag. it's a great color and i'm keeping an eye out for one myself. ;)