My First Post! My First Chanel! I need much help!

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I've just spent over an hour browsing on this site. How very exciting. I came across it by accident by simply Googling "where to buy Chanel handbags" anf Voila!, here I am. I think this site is going to become my new addiction, besides and

    I am 30, professional, in the 50-75K income bracket so fairly middle class. I am not a shopholic, I don't spend spend tons of money on clothes or handbags, altough I always pick quality over quantity, therefore my average monthly purchase may include new Tory Burch item, a couple of Nordstrom pieces, etc. My handbag collection is probably quite pitifull by someone else's standards: 1 2003 season Gucci and about 6 Coach handbags from the last 3-4 years. Nothing impressive.

    But I am ready for my very first Chanel beauty! I feel like it's time. I am not motivated by status (I would have done this a long time ago, if that was the case), especially since I live in an expensive area, so I could never compete with those Chanel sporting teenagers I see at Starbucks everyday. I am, however, motivated by the fact that I hope to keep this handbag I am about to purchase for many years to come, and hopefully very slowely start adding more quality pieces. The funny thing about my Coach collection is that I think that I have "outgrown" it. And they get dirty so quickly, anyone noticed?

    SO--:confused1: I live in PA/on the Main Line. We don't have an actual free-standing Chanel boutique, altough, I am not sure if I should count the Chanel store inside our Neiman Marcus at the King of Prussia Mall.

    Here's the thing: I have no idea what type of a bag I want but I have narrowed this down to a couple of things:

    -I don't want to spend more than $1500

    -I want a very versatile piece, something I could carry to work as well as to dinner in the evening

    -neutral color to accomodate the above

    -definitely something that can be spotted immediately as a Chanel for those in the "know"

    -I don't want to go over to the Chanel store, unless I know exctly what I want, because I'm afraid I will find the experience more intimidating and I'm very conscious about not knowing "what I'm talking about" as I'm sure the salesperson will pick up on that right away and most likely treat me like "just one of those noveau riches or wannabes

    -where should I go? I don't mind travelling to NJ or even NY but since I have Nemains a couple of towns over, should I just rely on their selection?

    -finally, I don't want to wait for anything for months as I would love to bring it on my trip to Europe this September

    I suppose I am hoping that of those of you who will be kind enough to respond to this newbie, you will at least guide me in the right direction in respect to not only picking the right bag but where I should concentrate my efforts in getting it. Someone who lives in the Tri-State area/PA would be really helpful!

    Here are a couple of links to the handbags I like from the BorrowSteal....something website but I have no idea what I can expect to pay for these. It also seems to me that borrowing them at those prices, seems silly and not very practical. No?'Diamond%20Stitch'%20Small%20Shopper/18'Modern%20Chain'%20Classic%20Bag/18

    Oh, if someone would be sweet enough to post everything in my price range, so I am not shocked when I finally go to the store, that would be ideal.

    I hope my points are understood. ;)

    I am so going to look forward to your responses!
  2. Hi - I am also new to Chanel and recommend you go to the Chanel boutique inside your local NM. I did this yesterday. The SA was very sweet and answered all of my questions very politely. I tried on a few bags and quickly narrowed down the styles I wanted. I then came back to tPF and browsed the reference forums and was surprised by how much I had learned. Unfortunately my NM doesn't have the bag I want so it looks like I will be getting one (fingers crossed!) from one of the Chanel boutiques in NYC.
  3. Hi and welcome to the Chanel forum! I'm sure you'll find this place like your second home like we do!:welcome: I'll answer a few questions but I'm not an expert like some gals here by any means.

    First off, it's great that you acknowledge that you want a bag for quality instead of the status of it. You've come to the right place. As far as your price range...are you looking for a tote, smaller bag, structured/smooshy, handheld/shoulder bag? These things will help narrow it down. Unfortunately, there's not toooo many bags out there anymore that are below $1500 due to the frequent price increases :cursing:! You can get a petite shopping tote (PST) which is $1250. They are open top with snap closure with chain straps and then leather shoulder pads. It's very comfortable and can be carried over shoulder. However, whatever you do decide, plz purchase quickly before another impending Sept 1 price increase:sad:.

    There are some snotty SA's out there but I've yet to come across any yet at my NM and Saks. They've all been really helpful and sometimes we know more than they do so it's a learning experience for them.
  4. I think the PST would be nice as alouette as stated above. Theres not that many bags priced below $1500. So your selections is pretty narrowed. But don't be fooled by the price for the PST, it may be one of the cheapest bags. But it's very practical and fits most necessities. And trust me those who are in the "know" will definitely know.
  5. Hi, welcome Alwaysquality! Yes Pst will fall under your budget...
    just a note, you have to click enter right after your paste an email link, we can't click on the links you provided.
  6. I would definetly check out what your Nm has first...go in and see what they just might end up speaking with a very nice never know.

    I'm in NJ, and I shop mostly at the Short Hills Mall Chanel boutique. The store is laid back and friendly, and they usually have a lot of bags in stock too.

    NYC 57th st also has great inventory, but sometimes they have weird SA's there....but don't let that stop you. Just go into your store of choice and need to see and feel them and try them on!!!!!

    Now go have fun!!!!!!! And post pictures when you get something!!!!
  7. Hi and welcome to the Chanel forum! There are some great people here and it's a wonderful place to gain Chanel knowledge.

    As far as your spending limit, I'd say a PST is your best bet. Unfortunately, the bags from the links you provided are both over $2000. Though I don't know their exact prices.

    Definitely make a trip to your local NM and visit the Chanel boutique. The SA's are usually pretty helpful and it will give you the opportunity to look at the the different bags and get an idea of the prices. Also visit our reference library here in the Chanel section and look at pictures of the different bags. Welcome to the forum!
  8. This is the Small Diamond Stitch Tote. It's a GREAT bag. I think current retail is about $1,800 (may be higher since last price increase). I recommend this bag - you will love it. It is available in boutiqes in white for sure (brought back for fall). I don't know if black and brown are still available, but it's worth asking.


    This is the Modern Chain flap bag. I think retail is around $2,000. On the small size compared to the diamond stitch tote above. I'd go for the diamond stitch.


    The Petite Shopping Tote (PST) that has been suggested as in your price range is on the small side (in my opinion).
  9. The Paris Biarritz is also a nice bag. I think it's about $1500. Though I don't think it's as nice as the Diamond Stitch tote Mon posted above.
    Here's a pic of the Paris Biarritz.
  10. hi and welcome! :smile:
    like some of the posts above have mentioned, there aren't many bags out there under $1500 (does this include tax?). The ones that come to mind for me are:
    1. Classic Mini Flap (tiny)
    2. Classic E/W Flap (is this 1595 now?)
    3. Cambon pouchette
    4. Paris-Biarritz small tote
    5. Caviar PST
    in general, most of the choices above don't really hold much. if you are thinking about an every day bag, then pst is your best bet. I understand how you might feel awkward going into Chanel, but keep in mind it's your money to spend and they are supposed to be offering the best service possible. Maybe one of the ladies can recommend an awesome and kind SA in King of Prussia that you can call in for a lil appt?
  11. I have the PST and it is on the small side, but it is within your price range.I am able to fit alot into it. I have actually tried out bags before I buy them.The SA lets me put all my "must have items" that I have in the bag I am using that day into the bag I am thinking of buying and I am able to see if it fits and I feel comfortable with it. I am sure they would let u do that as well. I would definetly go with the classic collection as well. Ask the SA and also look at the reference sub forum to get more ideas. Good luck!!
  12. Welcome and good luck in your search for the perfect Chanel for you.:tup:
  13. Timeless Clutch is "only" $995. Celebs carry it in the daytime, but since it's small, it might not be as practical for everyday.

    I also suggest the PST. I believe the cotton club pouchette is also below $1500, although I do love the diamond stitch posted above but maybe in black.
  14. Manny at NM KOP is very nice and would be a great
    SA to handle ur first purchase and Damien at
    chanel in Saks Bala Cynwyd is also very knowledgable and nice.Check out Saks on the 26th of June to earn a gift card with ur purchase!Good luck-u will enjoy carrying ur Chanel for many years!!!!
  15. Welcome to the Chanel forum, glad you found us! Good luck on finding your first Chanel :tup: