My first post! LV Letter Opener?

  1. Hi guys!! I've been lurking around the forum for about a week now but hadn't posted yet. I've spent that week taking in everyone's amazing collections!

    In the meantime though I got my hands on an LV letter opener and wanted to see if anyone knew what the story behind them was. A man I work with (whose wife works for LV) left it behind when he changed jobs so I know it's authentic, but I've never seen them before.

    Does anyone know anything of its history or value? I found one online for sale in an antique shop for almost $800 :shrugs:, but somehow I'm thinking that can't be right and I wanted a more knowlegeable opinion!

    Any help?
  2. This was a VIC (very important client) gift, you wouldn't be able to buy the item other than on the resale market. It would be a gift from a SA to someone who really shopped at Vuitton ! :yes:

    Whoops just read that she used to work there.. guess she kept it instead of giving it away ?
  3. Thanks Ayla!

    I'm really happy I found this forum, though I think it may end up getting me in trouble with the husband!

    I just got my first job after grad school and am moving my current Coach obsession into LV. I'm eyeing the one I want, I just have to make the drive to the nearest store and do it!
  4. Nice ! You do know that you can never stop at one though.. it's going to be a dangerous addiction ! :graucho:
  5. :yes::graucho::yes: