My first post in MJ - just ordered a Stam!!

  1. Hello ladies. I normally post in Mulberry but have just ordered my first MJ Stam so thought I'd post here for some advice.

    It's this dark grey one that I ordered:
    I ordered it from the Harvey Nichols website and I'm so excited :yahoo:can't wait for it to arrive.

    I've got a couple of questions and I wondered if any of you MJ ladies could help me out. Probably stupid questions, but please bear with me :yes:

    First, do I need to spray the bag to protect it in the rain? I've got a pink MJ Sophia that I've never sprayed but, as it's more of a summer bag, I'm not sure whether I've taken it out in a downpour. The grey Stam will definitely be used in the winter so is likely to get rained on, sadly.

    Secondly, and this is probably really dumb, is the gold chain likely to tarnish or peel or anything?

    Sorry if these questions are really silly - I'm new here :girlsigh:
  2. Congrats, that bag is stunning and a classic!
  3. i'd suggest not spraying it, MJ doesn't recommend that you spray it because they already have a protectant on it, but also don't take it in a downpour (it's designer after all). The chain could tarnish, but I think that's only is you use the chain alot or if you keep it in a damp or cold area (eventually it may peel etc)
  4. ^^oh and welcome to MJ , you'll really enjoy your new stam, congrats!
  5. the grey is beautiful. you'll love it. congrats!
  6. Thanks, ladies. And thanks for the tip, Aggie. Good to know the leather has been pre-treated. I'll definitely try and keep the strap dry, though.
  7. beautiful bag!! congratulations.
  8. Have never heard that the chain peels. Is this a fact?
  9. congrats - gorgeous color!
  10. Beautiful! Enjoy your new Stam! :smile:
  11. Really, the chain peels?!? That just seems wrong:tdown:!

    Has anyone had experience with this?

    I assumed that the gold might wear off a little as I know that happens on the kisslocks, but PEEL? Thats just tacky, and I wouldn't expect it from an MJ bag.
  12. Oh and also, congrats on the stam:heart:! LOVE the color, I've been eyeballing it myself:love:.