My first post - I'm today finally a Birkin owner!

  1. Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for sometime but I've never posted. It's just fun reading all your experiences and seeing all your pics. I've been wanting a Birkin for a few years but could never get on the list. Today, I finally bought my first Birkin - in time to fulfil what I've "promised" myself - I have to own a Birkin at age 25. So here it is, just few weeks before my 26th birthday. :wlae: I purchased the baby from a reseller, although a bit overpriced compared to retail. But I'm happy with the purchase as it's from my own hard earned money - just received my bonus at work. So welcome my first Birkin: Black 30 Fjord!
    DSC_3038.jpg DSC_3042.jpg DSC_3044.jpg DSC_3072.jpg
  2. Oh, it's LOVELY!!!! I especially like the last pic with your bear peeking out......
  3. I am so happy for you!! Hurray!
  4. Congrats!!!! That is a beautiful bag, so timeless. Enjoy and thanks for sharing
  5. What a stunner, love the last pic! Congrats!
  6. CONGRATS!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Congrats!! It's just perfect!!
  8. congratulations!
    good choice indeed~~love your bag~
  9. it's beautiful! congrats! you've earned it!
  10. Congrats !! It's a lovely bag !
    Love the bear in the birkin, how cute !
  11. It is so pretty. Congratulations!
    and I am sure you are going to have a very happy 26th Birthday! :p
  12. How exciting, and you were right on schedule for it. Fjord, as I've heard, is the hardiest of Hermes leather choices. We're all thrilled for you so you've come to the right place to exhibit your beautiful Birkin!
  13. Thanks everyone!! I look forward to more H chats and experience sharing with you gals/guys here.

    And here's me with my new baby:
  14. Sorry forgot the attachment :p
  15. Beautiful!!! you look great with it!!!!