my first post here!

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  1. :pHi!
    My name is Stephanie, i'm a LV addicted, I usually stay in LV forum.
    I love Hermes bags, and recently I saw a bag similar to the birkin but... foldable.
    I would have some info... I'm a little confused with Hermes...:shame:
    How much does it costs?
    Hermes bags are made only by request? Or I can view/buy something at the store?
  2. Welcome to the dark side Stephanie!!!

    Bag similar to the Birkin, foldable..... could it have been the new foldable Kelly?

    H bags start at just under $2000 (Evelyn, Picotin)

    Kellys start just over $6000

    You can view most bags at the store. You can buy anything they have on the shop floor.

    Don't forget to check out all the lovely H accessories when you are at the store (small leather goods, scarves etc).

    There are a lot of pics and info in the H ref section to help you get started.
  3. Thank you... I saw the website... but there are no bags at all!
    I think that the foldable bag I saw is the kelly foldable...
    Can I find it in stores?
  4. It will be hard to find at the stores, but you may be lucky! There are a couple of threads about that bag, let me see if I can find them for you....
  5. Welcome and glad you are with us Stephanie!

    Thank you Rose for being so kind and helpful.
  6. I saw one in the Palm Beach store - on reserve for another (darn). It was cuter in person then in the pictures. That could also be because it was a gorgeous turquoise. The SA said that it was $7500 (I think) and that they would probably only get that one.
    Good luck finding it; it looks like a great casual, packable kelly.
  7. Welcome Stephanie!

    You are a very lucky gal - there is an Hermes store in Milan! One day, after a light lunch and coffee, maybe with a girlfriend having a shopping day, go and visit Hermes!

    It is beautiful. It will take your breath away. Come back and tell us what you see, and how you feel!

    Good luck! ;)
  8. Thank you... you are so cute!
    ...Now I'm dreaming on the foldable one in turquoise that Sus saw in Palm Beach... wow... it has to be unique! Lucky owner...
    I will go in Hermes soon!
    Kiss! Stephanie.
  9. Welcome!! Hope you find the bag of your dreams!
  10. Dear Stephanie - Welcome to the dark side too...I know, the force is tooooo strong!! :roflmfao: I used to buy LV but not anymore! I'm saving dilligently to buy more H bags! You'd be surprised by all the fantastic ladies here, their knowledge on H is better than SAs in Hermes stores!! Welcome aboard and have a plesant "journey" :graucho: :p

  11. Hi Stephanie! Just wanted to say welcome!!!! :yahoo: Hope you can find a folded Kelly!!!