My first post here, and my first H scarf purchase!

  1. Hi all! I've been part of tpf for a while. I've been active in other forums, but this is my first post in the H forums. Today, I went to NM and made my first (non eBay) scarf purchase. :yahoo:

    I was at first unsure about the orange in scarf, but when I tied it, it was Love, love, love. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I must say I am completely converted to the orange side... there is no going back now, is there?:rolleyes:
    hermesbox.jpg hermesbox2.jpg scarf.jpg
  2. How pretty, coach4me. What is the name of it?
  3. Welcome!!! That scarf is beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, coach4me!
  5. Beautiful... congrats!!
  6. "I must say I am completely converted to the orange side... there is no going back now, is there?:rolleyes:"

    Nope! Beautiful!!!!!!! enjoy it!
  7. thank you everyone, for your warm welcomes!

    I have no idea what the name is... that detail completely escaped me in the fabulous rush of the purchase! (does everyone have that "rush' feeling in regards to Hermes purchases? Does it ever fade? I hope not!)

    The artist is Latham, but I can't find the name of the scarf. Or maybe I'm just such a newbie that I'm clueless! Do any of you wonderful scarf experts know?
  8. Congratulations, what a wonderful first purchase!
  9. Beautiful and welcome to the orange side!!
  10. It's called Sequences
    Caty Latham
  11. Thank you, Rose!
  12. Welcome and although the orange side is dangerously addictive it is also wonderfully warm, friendly and of the best quality - and that goes for the posters too!
  13. You are so welcome. Now, how about a modeling shot?
  14. perfect choice, beautiful.
    I bought my first scarfs a couple of weeks ago, and I am thrilled to be as you say on the orange side too.

    Now I am strategizing the handbag purchase, and a strategy it is.

    Come to Paris with us in April2008!
  15. Beautiful! Congrats & enjoy!