My first post... Hello! =)

  1. I've always been too intimidated to post. I have been "observing" for a bit now and every time I start to type up a reply to a thread I get scared and I delete it.

    My name is Tracy and I live in Portland, OR. I have been collecting LV for about 4 years now, and my collection is GROWING faster than expected - I have no more room in the closet for any bags. LOL, and to make things worse, I've even gotten my younger sister into collecting. I'm glad my husband is okay supporting my crazy addiction.

    I just wanted to hello to everyone and post my recent purchases. This is the first time I've purchased anything from Let-Trade and I got it yesterday!! :yahoo: And my first Epi item. Sorry for making this post so long, thanks everyone for viewing! :yes:
    DSC00931.JPG DSC00932.JPG DSC00933.JPG DSC00934.JPG
  2. Welcome to tPF! Both bags are gorgeous. :love:
  3. I am glad you decided to post!

    Congrats on your bag- it's GORGEOUS! The charms look so awesome on it!
  4. Welcome! And great purchase. Enjoy!!
  5. Hi there!!!! And welcome!!!!!!:smile:

    Gorgeous bags!!!!! Congrats on your new piece!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome and congrats! Both bags are beautiful!:yahoo:
  7. Welcome and congrats on your new bags, they are both gorgeous!!
  8. Welcome hope you enjoy the forum..:flowers::flowers:
  9. Weclome!
  10. Everyone is so sweet! Thank you all for welcoming me! :smile:
  11. Welcome and enjoy!
  12. welcome and congrats
  13. Welcome, oahctrec! Your new items are TDF. I'm dying to see a picture of your entire collection. Please post one!!
  14. welcome!! dont feel intimidated to post/reply, we are all very friendly in here. I love the Epi!! congrats!!
  15. Tracy - I did the same thing for a few months before I got up the nerve to post!

    Congratulations on your purchases. Great choices!!