My first post... and my first Hermes!

  1. Hello all!

    My name is Jen, and I've been lurking around for a little bit, but decided to join in when it became too much for me and i got my first Hermes the other day!:yahoo:

    FINALLY i got a Rouge H Kelly 35cm in Chevre with Pal. hardwear!

    She is so lovely, and the best bag i've ever had!

    I sold almost ALL of my bags to buy her. I now only have 2 LV bags left and some LV accessories. :yes:

    I've known about Hermes and wanted one for a long time now, but never thought i could get one. Well, a couple of months ago i finally popped in here for a bit, (BIG mistake! lol) and that night i had dreams about Kellys. The rest is history.

    But anyway, i just wanted to say "HI!" and introduce myself! I'll definitely post pictures tomorrow. :yes: I HAVE the pics, i just forgot the camera cord at home.:rolleyes:
  2. Welcome!!! Nothing like unwrapping your first orange box!!!!
  3. Welcome, Jen! Another convert. How excellent!

    You got yourself a real classic Kelly! Chevre, that's TDF! Show pics tomorrow, oK?
  4. OMG, Rouge H Chevre.....yummmmmm! And Dressage Queen & I love 35cm Kellys!

    Is it pre-owned or from the boutique? Can't wait to see lovely pics of it :smile:
  5. Thanks guys!! There is NOTHING like seeing that ORANGE!

    It was preowned from a trusted seller, but honestly NEVER used! She is sparkley new!
    DH is taking me to NYC in 2 weeks or so to get her (Kelly) some twillies and ME a bracelet or something. :love:
  6. CONGRATS!!!! One of the best colors in one of the best leathers IMO!!! You are one lucky girl! Welcome to the dark side!!! You'll never want to go back!!!:yes::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Congrats Jennifleur :yahoo:!!!
    I really hope I'll post pics of my first Hermes soon....
  8. WELCOME JENNIFLEUR!!!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful Kelly! Rouge H in Chevre is very special indeed! LOVE that Chevre leather....unique and stunning!!! Glad to see you here in the H'll have a good time in here with us!!!!!!

    ...we're CRAZY enablers so be forwarned!!!! Um....which bracelet are you thinking of????
  9. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! You all seem great!

    HI S'mom! I've heard "seen" so much about you!! lol. :heart:
    I'm really not sure about the bracelet. I figured i'd see what they have and look in person. :yes:
    I also might want a pretty Cadena for my bag. Eeep! I'm so excited to finally go IN a H boutique! (I'll finally go in now that i have a Kelly. lol)

  10. congrats jennifleur!! welcome to H and ur bag is DIVINE!! great choice!!! i *heart* rouge H....or anything rouge for that matter!!
  11. Welcome Jen and CONGRATS on your first Hermes!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. love rouge h and chevre, such a great combo!! congrats on your first H bag, i'm sure it won't be your last!!!
  13. Congratulations and welcome to the H forum, Jen!!!
  14. Wow Jen you are off to a super start! Dive right in lol!! Rouge h is a great color and in chevre - oh wonderful! I love the bracelets as well and find the enamel bangles to be very lightweight and easy to wear...and have a double wrap kelly one which I'm wearing today...enjoy!
  15. Congrat!! She sounds lovely!! I cannot wait to see pics. Enjoy her. I dream of owning a kelly one day....:drool: