My First Post and my Birkins :-)

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  1. Hi All...Very happy to discover this forum :smile:
    I have posted my humble collection for your viewing.
  2. Humble my foot, your collection is beautiful. Welcome!
  3. welcome and I will take your humble collection at any time!:heart:
  4. You have a beautiful collection. I love the colors.
  5. Welcome! You have a beautiful collection -- I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.
  6. wow... that's amazing... I'm admiring your collection. Nice to have you here btw:smile:
  7. Hello & Welcome to the forum, sweetpiegiraffe! :smile:

    Love your collection of birkins! Is the one on the far right indigo barenia?

  8. You sure you know the exact meaning of the word "humble"??
    Great collection!! Welcome!!
  9. Gorgeous, sweetpiegiraffe.

    And welcome to the Orange Side. Join the fun!:tup:
  10. Welcome sweetpiegiraffe !!

    Your collections are so beautiful!! :woohoo::heart::tup:
  11. Gorgeous collection and welcome to our little forum!
  12. Welcome! Lovely range of colors.
  13. i wish i have a collection like that...very nice and the colors are stunning!
  14. :lol:
  15. great selection! beautiful!