My first post and first Balenciaga!

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  1. Hi all!

    New here after deciding I wanted to get a Balenciaga. After a bit of research, I decided on what I wanted and searched.

    So happy I got them.

    I'm probably not getting the lingo correct as I'm completely new to Balenciaga.

    City Castagna RGGH & Money RGGH

    I have a mini coffee cup charm on the Money (which is not pictured). I'm waiting for a Jay Strongwater Dragon charm for the City.

    I think I've found a new addiction. :biggrin:

  2. they are both beautiful!! i love the combo together!!
  3. very pretty!! congrats!
  4. Welcome! What a gorgeous combination Castagna and RGGH is... I love the look with the matching wallet, too. Enjoy them and wear them in god health!
  5. congrats on your yummy chocolate treats!!!!
    welcome to Bal tPF!!!!
  6. perfect match! congratulations!
  7. Congrats, they're both beautiful. Castagna is such a rich brown colour & it looks great with RGGH. Enjoy! :smile:
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Welcome & Congrats! what a great combo and styles to start your new addiction ;)
  10. Wow! Castagna RGGH is so delicious! What a stunning pair of Bals. Welcome to the forum, and, CONGRATULATION!
  11. Congrats! Congrats love the color:smile:
  12. Beautiful bag and color......congrats!!!
  13. great bags, congrats!
  14. Congrats on your first Bbag! I love that you got a matching wallet too.
  15. Love the color !