My First Post (A Joke)

  1. I've never posted in Hermes ... I can only dream of getting one someday. Anyway, so DH knows my aspirations. So we are watching the Super Tuesday results and he noted that Romney's wife looks "pissed." He said "She is probably figuring out how many Hermes purses she could have bought with the 35 million." I was :roflmfao:. Ok - unfortunately I can't afford to participate in this section. But hope you enjoy this joke. :smile:
  2. :roflmfao:

    Great joke!!!!

    Honey, please stick around and participate!!!! Trust me, I can't 'afford' anything that our other members are posting. But it is about the love of the brand that keeps us together, not what we have/don't have. India said it best: looking at all the reveal threads is a bit like going to a fabulous art museum, you can't take the art home with you and hold it and use it, but you have experienced many more things than you would just sitting around your house or going about town...and you feel just as rich as you would if you owned any of it yourself.

    Please reconsider about sticking around :kiss:
  3. That's funny! Stick around.
  4. Lol! Welcome!
  5. P-B: *LOL* Cute. :smile: Welcome to the H sub-forum. :smile:
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Aww, thanks guys!! That was so sweet! I have to do some preliminary "studying" first and then I'll participate over here as well. And the museum analogy is great. Thanks for the welcome!