My first Poppy Bag!

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  1. I got a Poppy bag last night! I am so excited! I really needed a bigger bag. :yahoo:
    Does anyone have this bag? How do you like it? is it a good everyday bag?

    Also, does anyone know the name of this bag? I can't see to find the tag to see the name.

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  2. I have that bag too. I just have not used it yet. It is the poppy silver lurex glam tote.
  3. Gorgy. Congrats. I think the given name is glam bag. Maybe not tho.
  4. Very pretty! I love the color. Congrats!
  5. Yup it's the silver lurex Glam Tote. I almost got one of these yesterday. It's gorgeous. Congrats!
  6. Really pretty! Congrats!
  7. I have this bag and love lightweight and I can get a lot in there if I need too, yet it still looks good when I carry my usual which is not very much!! And she is fun to dress up as any color looks good on her!! :smile: Congrats!!
  8. Aww that's pretty. Congrats!
  9. Great bag, congrats!
  10. congrats!!
  11. Super pretty. Enjoy!
  12. congrats!
  13. Outlets have some matching accessories btw ;)
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    :police: ENABLER ALERT!!! LOL

    Congrats, AlyssaP22!
  15. i like the color....