My first plisse - pink berries!

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  1. just wanted to share my mother's day gift that arrived today - pink berries plisse. my first plisse!!!

    at first i didn't care for the plisse style but now it's my favorite. just shows how trying on scarves is the only way to tell if it looks good. quick and easy to tie, and i love the lettuce edges. young and flirty. loose and comfy.

    pink is one of my favorite colors, and i really love this pale pink next to black tees and dress shirts.

    here i'm wearing with a black james perse contrast panel rollup sleeve top.

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  2. How pretty; I've never seen it before.
  3. That is so pretty, never seen it before either. Congrats!
  4. b e a u t i f u l!!!!
    I love plisse!
  5. Looks great, beautiful choice! I don't have a plisse yet...but now I'm sorely tempted!
  6. Gorgeous!!! What a great choice! Its fab with the black, chic style!!!!
  7. Oooh....the first Berries I've seen in Plisse form! Just beautiful! I'm sure she won't be your last; Plisses are wonderful!
  8. Looks great on you Kim!

    Plisses are definitely a stylish addition to any wardrobe!
  9. She looks great on you. Very CUTE!! :yahoo:Congratulations!!

    I tried on one at NM's and it drained me. Maybe wrong color??:confused1:

    I think you are right about plisse, scarves, bags, will HIT you, but WHICH one, and what color and style? I think that's the FUN of Hermes, too!!
  10. that's really pretty! It looks good on you! :heart: :heart:
  11. thanks for all the kind words!
  12. As Paris would say, "That's Hot".
  13. That is really pretty and it looks lovely on your neck.
  14. Lovely, and it looks really great on you!
  15. :nuts: i love the way it looks around your neck